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How to take a screenshot on iPhone and Android Smartphones

20/09/2021 - How tos

Taking a screenshot is a quick and easy process. Whether you want to capture a specific piece of information, highlight a detail on your screen or show the price of the new iPhone 13 to your friend, it shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds.

You can find out how you can do this by following the simple instructions below:

(The process may slightly differ based on each model)


Option 1

Press the side and Volume up buttons at the same time.

Option 2

    1. If your iPhone has a home button, you’d need to press the side button and the home button at the same time.
    2. A thumbnail of the screenshot will appear at the lower left corner of your screen. By clicking it you can enlarge or edit it using the editing tools that appear

How to drag the screenshot between different apps

With the new Apple iOS 15 update, the drag and drop functionality has been extended which means that you will also be able to move recently taken screenshots between apps making the functionality similar to iPad’s:

  1. After following the instructions above on how to take the screenshot, tap and hold the thumbnail that will appear in the bottom left of your screen until the it starts following your finger.
  2. Using another finger, tap the app you’d like to save the screenshot to. This could be in your Photos, Files, Messages, Mail, Notes or another app of your choice.
  3. Once the app you’ve directed the screenshot to opens, you can drop the screenshot into the folder in which you would like it to be saved. For example, a specific album or category.


Option 1

Hold both the power button and the volume down key.

Option 2

You can enable the “Palm Swipe” which is a gesture feature in your Settings by going into:

  1. Settings
  2. Motions and Gestures
  3. Toggle “Palm Swipe to capture"

Option 3

Some Android phones have a screenshot button in the pull-down Quick Settings which you can use either by swiping down on your screen or by using the Google Assistant or Bixby voice command (dependent on device model).

Option 4

If you own an Android phone which has an S Pen Stylus, tap the Screen Write to use the Air Command Menu and then write or crop the captured image.

Option 5

You can download a screenshot app which can offer more editing features. Some of the most highly rated ones that we found on Google PlayStore are “Screenshot Easy”, “Screen Master” and “Screenshot X” *.

TIP: You can read our article about what to watch out for when you download smartphone apps to ensure that they are not requesting an unreasonable amount of permissions on your phone. 


*Insurance2go is not affiliated with any of the apps mentioned.   

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