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Continuing your cover

To make sure your device is always protected, we will renew your policy each month, or every year, until you tell us that you no longer need your insurance.

Monthly policies

You can contact us anytime to cancel your policy and we would be happy to help.

If you need to cancel your policy at any point during your contract, you can do so using the details below and your cover will continue until the end of the month that you have paid.

Annual policies

If you have an annual policy, your contract will roll over every twelve months. We will contact you around 30 days before your renewal date to let you know if there are any changes to your policy.  To ensure continuous cover your policy will automatically renew and payment will be taken unless you tell us otherwise. 

If you wanted to cancel part way through your policy term, you will usually get a refund proportionate to the amount of time you have left in your contract. 

Annual statements

No matter what kind of policy you have, you will receive an annual statement by email or letter, reminding you of what you are covered for, and if there have been any small changes in your policy documents. If there has been a change to your policy that affects the nature of your cover and/or the premium and excess you pay, you will be notified before that change takes place and will have the opportunity to cancel your policy - just in case you're not happy with the change!

Cancelling a policy

If you are ever unhappy with our service or decide you do not need your gadget insurance, you can let a member of our customer service team know, and they would be happy to help. You can contact our team by: 

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