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Bad Apples: A 21st Century Social Experiment

Oh, the things people will do for an iPhone. Take one look at the long, winding queues for a new model, and the Cult of Apple has never been more terrifying. But just how far would the public go for an iPhone 6s – or a 6s Plus? Would they queue outside through wind and rain? Would they beg, borrow… or even steal?

If someone's brand new iPhone landed in your lap one day, what would you do? Would you slip the king of smartphones into your pocket, no questions asked, or would you try and return it?

To answer this true dilemma of our times, we hit the streets of Leeds. Yorkshire folk are widely regarded to be an honest bunch but, when tempted with the opportunity to illicitly gain an iPhone, do they become good apples?

Or do they become… bad apples?