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July 04, 2016

The iPhone 7 – Can you tell fact from fiction?

There's always a heck of a buzz whenever Apple gear up to release a new iPhone, and even the experts find it hard to sort the speculation from the cold, hard truth.

Without cheating, see if you can spot the fibs we've cleverly hidden in these eight iPhone 7 rumours – six of them are genuine rumours that have surfaced in the tech press over the last year, and two are ones we've made up.

No home button

This rumour, which began on Chinese social media, suggests that the iPhone 7 will be the first in the series not to feature the circular home button we've all come to know and love. Instead, it'll be replaced with a circular, touch-sensitive pad that will allow users to perform different actions – for instance, press and hold for Siri, double-tap to view currently running apps, and so on.

Fact or fiction? Genuine rumour – via Mobipicker

Handwriting support

While the iPhone 7 won't do away with keyboards altogether, this rumour suggests that the Messages app on iOS 10 could be set up to feature handwriting support – so you'll be able to write messages directly onto the screen with the stylus or your fingers.

Fact or fiction? Genuine rumour – via Apple's iOS 10 preview

Removable battery

Battery life is a common complaint among smartphone users of all stripes, and leaked photos of the iPhone 7's rear casing suggest that Apple are gearing up to make the battery removable and replaceable for the first time. Images published by a French fan site show indentations in the casing that would allow users to simply slide their iPhone 7 open and pop a new battery in.

Fact or fiction? Sorry, we made this one up.

Second speaker

Apple accessory makers, who've seen previews of the iPhone 7 case, seem adamant that Apple is moving the headphone jack from its usual position at the bottom of the casing, replacing it with a second speaker. The jack will possibly be incorporated into a modified version of the Lightning port in the centre.

Fact or fiction? Genuine rumour – via Macrumors

3GB of RAM, 256GB of storage

The iPhone 7 could come in a huge 256GB storage option, according to some market analysts – putting it on a par with the iPad Pro and offering enough for even the most dedicated app addicts. Meanwhile, RAM will go up to 3GB, a 50% boost compared to the iPad 6 and 6s' 2GB.

Fact or fiction? Genuine rumour – via 9to5Mac

Iris Unlock

It's been nearly three years since Apple introduced Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, allowing users to unlock their phone with a fingerprint – and now Taiwanese supply chain sources say the iPhone 7 will upgrade to a smarter, faster security feature. With Iris Unlock, your iPhone's camera will quickly scan users' unique eye patterns to verify their identity before unlocking.

Fact or fiction? Sorry, we made this one up.

Glasses-free 3D display

Supply chain sources say Apple could be introducing a "naked eye" 3D screen on the iPhone 7, taking a similar route to Amazon's ill-fated Fire Phone. This will be supported by a dedicated ecosystem for 3D hardware and software, and is based on a patent Apple filed in 2011 for an optical system to create holographic 3D images visible with the naked eye.

Fact or fiction? Genuine rumour – via TechTimes

Dual-lens camera on Plus model

The iPhone 7 Plus could feature a dual-lens camera system, making use of technology Apple acquired through its purchase of camera firm LinX Imaging. The dual-lens setup could allow for a 2-3x optical zoom function and greatly improved low-light image quality.

Fact or fiction? Genuine rumour – via Macrumors

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