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February 19, 2014

Insurance2go recommended by Money Saving Expert

We are very pleased to have been recommended as a ‘Best Buy’.

This is for:

  • iPhone Insurance
  • Samsung Insurance
  • All other Smartphone Insurance

In this weeks Money Saving Expert, Money Saving email. The piece on Smartphone Insurance reads as follows:

Shrewd tips to slash smartphone insurance to £57/year
Many pay £150+ a year. Check now. Big savings are possible, you can insure a whole FAMILY’s mobiles for £120

Smartphones are getting more expensive, hi-tech and addictive. The fear of being without means insurers make a mint flogging cover, but it needn’t be costly. Full help in Cheap Mobile Insurance, here’s our short message…

  • The best buys: All cover accident, loss and theft & have acceptable feedback.
    iPhones incl 5S (max £750): £70/yr Insurance2Go* with a £50/£75 excess.
    Samsung (max £750): £57/yr via code in the link Insurance2Go*. Excess £25/£50.
    Other smartphones (max £750). £60/yr code via Insurance2Go*. Excess £25/£50.
    Thickphones (non-smart) (max £150). Gadget Cover* £27 incl loss. Excess: £25.
  • Cover ALL family smartphones for £120/yr: The trick to this is one parent/partner switches to the highly-rated Nationwide FlexPlus* £10/mth (thus £120/yr) bank account, which includes cover for the whole family’s mobiles (max £1,000 per phone), provided you all live together and the children are under 19 (or 22 if in full-time education). It also gives worldwide family travel insurance (max age 74) and European breakdown cover for the account holder. See Bank Accounts with Benefits for more.
  • Mobile insurance golden rules. 1) Are you a loser? If you’re likely to lose or damage it, insurance usually pays. Yet if you’ve had a handset clipped to your belt for a decade with no issues, self-insuring, where you put money aside, is likely a winner. 2) Check if already covered. You may be protected under your home insurance or bank account3) Is replacement speed key? If so, you’ll need to pay more and go with your network’s cover.

If you want to read the full thing just click here: