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April 05, 2016

The new iPad Pro

The first thing one notices about the iPad Pro is that ‘they don’t give ‘em away’ as a cockney might say. They begin at £499 for the most basic model which is the 9.7 inch WiFi only 32 GB model to an eye watering £1,019 for the 12.9 inch WiFi and Cell Phone connectivity and if you want to add a separate keyboard that is extra. 

So are the two version worth it? Having created a market for small Tablets with the iPad Mini, Apple have now turned their attention to much larger screens for their newest Tablets. If you aren’t good at visualising how big things are from simple numbers then it might be worth picking up a ruler and just looking at how big 12.9 inches is for an iPad screen. It is nearly in laptop territory. Obviously the name Pro suggested the devices are aimed at more than the casual user who just wants to keep up with Facebook or Instagram.

All the reviews we’ve come across have been falling over themselves to complement the devices as beautifully made with fantastic processing power and packed with high end features.

The only gripe we came across was that the keyboards (which as we noted earlier cost extra) don't have a backlight and make a slightly odd noise when the keys are hit.

Still for those who can afford the new devices they appear to be real hits. As one reviewer put in his column ‘You need a new iPad Pro – you just don’t think you do’. Praise indeed from hardnosed critics who wouldn’t give out such complements without justification.