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November 04, 2016

New MacBook Pro Review

Apple have recently launched their new MacBook Pro to much excitement around the globe. The new slim line versions are a million miles away from the first Macintosh computers the company launched all those years ago in 1984.

The new laptops in the range appear, at first glance at least, to be not that different to their predecessors. However they are wonderfully slim and pretty gorgeous to look at and feel.

New MacBook Pro


Gone is the famous Apple light up logo – presumably to help make the devices as slim as possible and wow are they thin. The 13 inch models are just 14.9 mm and the 15 inch version is only a touch larger at 15.5 mm. Also you won’t get a slipped disc when carrying your new pride and joy around with the weight’s clocking in at just 1.37 kg and 1.83 kg respectively.

Touch Bar

A new development on the new Mac Pro is known as the Touch Bar. This is a slim screen that replaces the function keys. The buttons reflect the program being used thereby giving increased functionality from the space available. Great idea, however we have heard some criticism that in strong sunlight the options can be difficult to see.


The new devices use USB-C ports (of which there are four) instead of more traditional USB ports. All four can be used to charge the device but remember you’ll need an adaptor for some devices and this will cost around £20.

However, the extra cost for the adaptor is hardly likely to make owners shudder too much given that the new Mac Pros start at a heady £1,449.


The speakers have been redesigned and offer more volume and double the dynamic range compared to the speakers on previous models. Making the device good for music lovers and music makers.

Other highlights

Apple claim that the new Pro can keep going for 10 hours on one battery charge. It is said to have a faster graphics processor giving speeds up to 130% faster. A 67% higher screen contrast and better reproduction of colours. Lastly the touchpad is enormous which will please many.

The new Mac Pro looks amazing and given that they are super slim and light to carry they will most certainly be a hit with Apple users.

It might seem just a little expensive but naturally we offer insurance to protect your device for a little peace of mind.

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