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April 05, 2017

Insurance2go - Top 10 Gadgets

Insurance2go - Top 10 Gadgets


We’ve put together a list of the most exciting new gadgets around so you can have a browse and work out if you need to splash out on some new kit.


Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung 8 has a number of things to do. Firstly, it needs to be a fantastic phone otherwise it won’t get out of the starting blocks, secondly it needs to put to bed all the negativity surrounding the exploding batteries of the recently discontinued Samsung Note. Given the investment levels and reputational problems if there was to be an issue with the new Samsung 8 it would be such a disaster that one can pretty much take it that they’ll have sorted out the charging problems.

To illustrate its robustness, recent advertising has shown the new handset being heated to sixty degrees, cooled to minus twenty, bent to an alarming extent, and dropped. All designed to show us how tough the new handset is.

The reports we have heard about the new offering have been very positive. The Carphone Warehouse are quoting delivery date as 20th April. A Black 64 Gig Version will cost you £689 without a contract.


Amazon Echo Dot

Hitting the stores (or online at least) on April 17th the new Amazon Echo Dot is another of the growing list of devices that will allow you to seemingly do almost anything just by talking to it.

Amazon’s own advertising says it’ll: Play your music, order you a takeaway, order an Uber taxi, get news and weather updates and control your home – heating lighting etc.

It’s very stylish, coming in six different colours and finishes. It resembles an ice hockey puck. At launch it’ll set you back around £50.


iPhone 8

Or will it be called something else? Remember Apple famously release their handsets in September ready for the Christmas rush and this September is the tenth anniversary of one of the most iconic and successful pieces of technology ever made. So, could it be called iPhone 10 or iPhone X (Roman numerals) or something completely different. The company like to surprise.

Features that have been rumoured are: a complete restyling of the look, wireless charging (this would be great), a glass body, edge to edge display and a super-fast processor. 

Time will tell.


Pixel 2

The second Pixel phone from Google – Pixel 2 will arrive sometime this year, but no specific date has been given. Heavily rumoured is that this new version, of the generally well received first version, will be waterproof. Waterproofing is something that is fast becoming the norm among top end handsets so a dunk in the dog bowl or toilet no longer need be the nightmare it once was.


Nintendo Switch

According to some; gaming heaven has arrived, the new Nintendo Switch gives full flexibility of when and how one can play games, be it in the home or on the move in a car, train or plane. A wide range of games are available and this list is growing all the time.

Buying one of these beauties will cost around the £280 mark but it could be what you’ve been looking forward to so we predict many will be taking up the gaming challenge with a new Switch.


iMAC 2017

The new iMac is rumoured to be arriving in stores mid to late 2017. Some are saying it’ll be as late on as September. The predicted cost could be as high as 3,000 US dollars. It’ll no doubt be an astonishing piece of kit and will keep Apple enthusiasts salivating throughout the Summer. It is rumoured to be using a Kaby Lake processor for great speeds.


Google Home

Google Home is another device which will sort it all out for you! Launch dates are not yet confirmed and it is likely to cost about double the Amazon Echo Dot.

Google’s own website lists the features:

Information - you can ask it virtually anything - a sum to be calculated, Sports results, measurement conversions, facts and figures.

Entertainment – stream music, TV, sport and new films etc.

Manage tasks – travel info, alarm, calendar, lighting and heating controls of your home.

All this is tied in with some really big names in the media world – The Sun, BBC, Youtube, Spotify, The Guardian, CNN, Telegraph, Sky Sports.

Sounds like a real contender.


LG Gram laptop

The LG Gram laptop is beautifully designed and it weighs in at less than 1Kg. This makes it wonderfully friendly to carry around. Gone are the days when taking your laptop to a meeting could result in a visit to the chiropractor.

The screen is full HD and a generous 15.6 inches with full-colour resolution that works from most angles.


LG G6 phone

There is a growing band of LG converts who are very excited by the launch of LG’s new handset – the LG G6, which should arrive in the UK in April. The camera is excellent, the screen very good and the battery life will beat a lot of the competition.

LG’s break through? For some converts for sure. Will it break into the top 3? We’re not sure but it’s a great phone.


Samsung Gear S2 Classic Smartwatch

Clocking in at £300 this little beauty is a fantastic bit of kit. Cheaper than its Apple Watch S2 rival by £100 depending on where you look it is the sort of watch to feel great in.

It will last between 2 and 3 days between charges depending on use. It has Bluetooth, NFC and touchscreen. It is water resistant, will answers calls, allows texting, Sat Nav, will play music and has loads of physical exercise aids.

Santa if you’re listening!

The reviews are almost all fantastic.

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