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January 11, 2017

Insurance2go recommended by

The website have published a great article on the benefits of insuring your mobile phone in the long term.

We are delighted that the author (Richard Goodwin) recommends Insurance2go.

This is what he said about us in his article:

I like doing things online. It’s just easier. I also like knowing I am getting a good deal, so when I started setting up my insurance I was pleased to not only see exactly what was and wasn’t covered, but also how much the same coverage would cost from its competitors.

The insurance is pretty cheap as well. You can pay monthly or just do a one off fee. I opted to pay it off in one go, as I’d rather just get it out the way. But the average cost of insuring a phone starts from as little as £4.99 a month. Go for comprehensive cover, which is slightly more expensive, and you get cover for things like accidental damage, malicious damage, liquid damage and even for damage to your phone’s accessories.

I opted to go for the fullest possible package, as I’m prone to dropping my phones both on the floor and in bodies of water like the toilet, the dog bowl, and, when I’m on holiday, the sea.

The BIG draw for Insurance2go is that they have a 100% rating on TrustPilot. Always a good thing. The other is that they claimed to pay out 97% of the time. Again, all good stuff – especially for an insurance company.


If you want to read the full article just click below:

Why It Pays to Insure Your Phone in the Long Term