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January 11, 2018

Fans might have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy X

In November 2017 Samsung accidentally released details of a new phone – the Samsung Galaxy X - on its website. The post was quickly taken down as someone at the mobile giant appears to have jumped the gun. However, the news was out. The interesting thing about this handset was that it would be foldable. So, on the outside, when closed, the handset would look more or less like an ordinary mobile. But when the handset was unfolded it became a Tablet device. A neat trick to pull off.

Samsung have been working on folding phones for a while now and have a patent submitted to this end. The company obviously feels that having one device that is effectively two devices with a wider range of uses is something that will capture the public’s imagination.

However, it might well be that we’ll have to wait until very late in 2018 or indeed 2019 to see the launch of a folding handset from the South Korean giants. It was reported on the 10th January that the company needs more time to make a folding screen the perfect solution.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the issues surrounding a folding screen. When folded it pretty much needs to fold flat, then when opened it would need to be without creases to allow video to be watched in good quality. Then of course the folding screen needs to be resilient enough to survive repeated opening and closing. With customers keeping a handset for an average of 29 months a folding screen would come under incredible stresses.

For the moment customers will have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is scheduled for launch in February 2018. It does appear that folding phones may well make a return to the marketplace and when they do you'll be able to insure them here with Insurance2go.