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How to claim on your gadget insurance

When the worst happens, having the peace of mind that your gadgets are insured can be a real stress reliever. Here we explain just what you need to do in the sometimes-stressful circumstances that proceed realising your gadget has been lost, stolen or damaged.


Claiming for stolen gadgets

If you discover that your gadget has been stolen, the first thing you’ll need to do is inform the police and if applicable, bar your gadget with your network provider. Upon this action, the police will be able to give you a crime reference number, which you should keep to hand when completing your claim form with us.

You’ll need the crime reference number before you can submit a claim to us. Fill in the details on the form found here, including a description of what happened, and follow the instructions as necessary.


Claiming for lost gadgets

In the unfortunate circumstance that you’ve lost your gadget, and you’re certain that you have lost it, you’ll need to first inform the place that you lost it in.

This might be a venue or department building, however if it was on the bus, train or other form of public transport, make sure you contact the transport service provider first. You’ll need to make efforts to recover the lost item – such as contacting the necessary organisations - before you can make a claim.

As part of this, you’ll also need to inform the police to register your gadget as lost property. The police will then be able to give you a lost property reference number, which you’ll need when making a claim with us. Once you have all the information, fill in the claim form found here.


Claiming for damaged gadgets

If you’ve damaged your device and want to make a claim to cover its repair, first make sure that the damage that’s occurred fits in with your policy. You should have policy documents you can check, otherwise, take a look at your terms and conditions.  

Next, you’ll need to fill in our claim form online.


Useful information when making a claim

When you make a claim, you’ll need to provide certain information about your gadget, so it helps to have all this to hand before you begin. You may need:

  • Details of any other product warranty, guarantee or contract
  • Any household insurance details if applicable
  • Proof of purchase of the gadget and any accessories you’re making a claim for


If you’d like to find out more about our gadget insurance, including what’s covered and what’s not, take a look at our helpful guides and be sure to check our terms and conditions - don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.