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May 30, 2018

Gadget insurance for loss or theft

Gadgets such as tablets, laptops and iPads see us through our everyday lives. But, these trustworthy essentials aren’t indestructible and they can sometimes be lost or even stolen.


Having gadget insurance offers peace of mind, protecting you and your essentials when you need it most. It also helps speed up the process of fixing or replacing items that have been lost or stolen. However, it’s important you understand the difference between ‘loss’ and ‘theft’ should you ever need to make a claim.

To help you differentiate the two, here are their correct definitions:

Loss: This means the gadget has accidentally been left somewhere by you and you can no longer use it.

Theft: This means the gadget has been taken from you without your permission by a third party.



Are gadgets covered for loss or theft?


This is dependent on the provider and policy. Our gadget insurance covers you for the following devices for loss and/or theft:

  • iPads (including the Apple iPad, the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple iPad mini 4)
  • Tablets (including Samsung, Nokia, Acer, Sony, Huawei, Microsoft Surface, Asus and Google)
  • Laptops
  • MacBook Pros
  • MacBook Airs


Are all thefts covered?


If a gadget you own has been stolen, it is important you understand what is, and what isn’t covered by our policy:



  • If your gadget has been taken from you by another person without your permission
  • If certain accessories have been stolen alongside your gadget (accessories alone would not be covered)


Not covered:

  • Theft of your gadget if stolen from a motor vehicle between 10pm and 6am (unless the motor vehicle's windows and doors were closed, locked and all security systems were activated with your gadget out of view in an enclosed storage compartment such as the boot or luggage space)
  • A claim involving theft if you haven’t reported the incident to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible following discovery of the theft.
  • Theft of your gadget from premises including buildings, a vehicle and land (unless the gadget has been taken by forced entry resulting in damage to the building, premises or vehicle to gain entry or exit)
  • Theft of your gadget if left unattended in a public place or a place to which the public has regular access.


For more information on what is, and what isn’t covered, take a look at the full details of your policy, and our terms and conditions.