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May 30, 2018

Comparing Gadget Insurance

So you've decided that you need gadget insurance, wise choice! Whether you have a bad habit of smashing smartphone screens, are concerned about spilling tea on your laptop or simply want to protect your new tablet, it's a necessity for many.


The next step is to decide which kind of gadget insurance is best for you. While each provider will offer something different, you'll find the majority tend to offer two kinds: standard cover and full cover. But which is the right choice for you?


Standard Cover or Full Cover

Naturally, standard cover policies tend to offer less protection than full (or even 'premium') cover. When it comes to the particulars however (such as loss, theft, damage and excess), every provider is different.


At this stage, it's important to consider exactly what you need. Compare insurance policies side by side, and take note of what you feel is required.


You may find that standard cover actually offers the perfect amount of protection for your gadget. If this is the case, paying that little bit extra for full cover would be unnecessary.


For example, here at Insurance2go our Standard Cover policy for iPhones covers loss, theft, overseas cover, e-Wallet protection and accessory cover (up to the value of £150). You'll also be able to make a claim if a member of your immediate family loses your device, or if £1,000 of unauthorised calls, messages and downloads turn up on your phone bill.


However, mechanical issues or accidental, malicious or liquid damage are not included with our Standard Cover iPhone policy.


If you'd prefer to be protected against damage and mechanical breakdown, we would suggest that you choose our Full Cover policy. However, if this isn't a concern for you, opt for our Standard Policy instead.


Assess every 'standard' and 'full cover' insurance policy this way. Some providers do cover damage in their standard policies, but may not cover theft or offer e-Wallet protection for example. It's all about finding the perfect cover for you.


Don't double up

Before you sign up for insurance, check you don't have an existing policy covering your gadgets. Current accounts, packaged bank accounts, premium credit cards and home insurance can often include gadget cover, but there are limitations in some cases.

For example, if you find your home insurance includes gadget cover remember to check the details. If individual gadgets cost more than a certain amount (e.g. £1,000), you may need to take out separate gadget insurance to protect your device properly.


Excess may also be much higher than that offered by a separate gadget insurance provider - if it is, it might be worth taking out a separate policy for a particular device (e.g. a high-spec smartphone like the iPhone X).


Insuring multiple gadgets

Some insurance providers will offer a discount if you choose to insure multiple gadgets under one policy. While this may work out cheaper for some, it's important not to be fooled. Depending on who you choose as your provider, insuring gadgets individually can sometimes be more cost-effective.


Here at Insurance2go, we're proud to offer award-winning gadget cover from £2.99 a month. Compare our policies today, and don't forget to read about how to claim on your gadget insurance to make sure you're prepared for the future.


Take a look at our full terms and conditions and your policy documents to check the finer details of your policy.