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November 29, 2018

One more sleep before Christmas: I2G survey shows extent of festive infidelity

Festive party season is in full swing, and as Brits indulge in the lead up to the Christmas break, the combination of a sprig of mistletoe and multiple bottles of wine is producing its fair share of romance.


Fairytale kisses under the mistletoe are one thing, but what about when the party atmosphere makes partygoers go too far – we’ve all heard about festive affairs, but how common are they?


We set out to find out the percentage of Brits who were almost certain to go on the naughty list thanks to their adulterous party shenanigans, and the results are pretty shocking!


Fling-le bells

In our survey, 11% of respondents confessed to having gone home to enjoy a sleigh ride with someone from their Christmas party despite having a partner, and of these, 71% didn’t tell their partners about their affairs - figures that will have many wondering: do they know it’s Christmas?


Men were more likely than women to cheat on their partners (14% versus 8% of women), and less likely to tell them – 32% of ladies admitted to their partners what they’d done, compared to 26% of men.


Season’s smooches

12% of people said that they’d kissed someone at a Christmas party when they were already taken (compared to 27% who smooched at the party when single), and 9.3% danced flirtatiously with another person while their partner was back home wrapping presents – we can only hope they had their knuckles rapped when they got back home smelling of perfume or cologne!


5% bought a stranger a drink when they should have been buying a cab home and 5% swapped numbers with someone who wasn’t their partner. A similar amount, 4%, followed through with flirty text messages – presumably, they hadn’t shared passwords with their spouses!


'Tis the season!

With 20.6% of people admitting that the Christmas season makes them flirtier, 31% admitted that they’d hit on someone when they shouldn’t have, perhaps because they were feeling randier after a few drinks.


In fact, that’s exactly what helped Rory from London enjoy his work Christmas party a little more than usual. “We had a smooch at the work Christmas party (which made it very awkward in the staff room the following Monday) and an ill-fated 3 months together after! I think the Christmas party gave me some Dutch courage - that, and knowing she was leaving the school the week after!”


Rory’s fling couldn’t have happened at a better time though, as he admitted: “It's nice to have someone to cuddle in the colder months!”


Presents unwrapped early…

While most Christmas parties happen in the run up to Christmas, for some people, things stay festive right up to the big day!


“Myself and my friends always go out for a few drinks on Christmas Eve”, writes Chloe from Suffolk, “but a few years ago I went home with a guy I fancied and I woke up at his house on Christmas morning.


“All of his family started to arrive to open presents while I was sat in his front room in a men's oversized Bulgaria holiday top with ‘Ferret’ printed on the back. I didn’t feel great at the time but it’s something myself and my friends laugh about now”.


We wonder if she stayed for dinner?


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