May 08, 2017

What do Siri and Alexa look like? The public decides


Intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Alexa have become irresistible in helping us conquer everyday challenges. But just like Banksy and even The Stig from Top Gear, the identity of this power couple very much remains anonymous.

That's why Insurance2go put the British public's imagination to test in asking them to envisage what both Siri and Alexa would look like in real life. The survey results were fascinating.


Who is Siri?

UK wide, Siri and Alexa are popularly believed to be aged 30 but that’s where the similarities finish. Siri is popularly believed to be an olive skinned male with dark brown hair in a short back and sides style. He also has no facial hair, monolid brown eyes and an aquiline nose. Perhaps it's the rigid authority of his voice or dry wit that means most of us think of Siri as a learned, boffin-type character who probably undertook a Master's degree.

In a separate survey, those in Glasgow believe Siri to have a moderately brown skin colour with heavy freckling.

Who is Alexa?

As for Alexa, she boasts round vivid blue eyes that stand out against her white skin and mousey / light brown hair which is medium in length and straight. She's also believed to have an oval-shaped face, subtle eye make-up and a button nose. Perhaps it's her confident delivery and decisive tone that ensures most of us think of her as a woman of power.

In a separate survey, those in London believe Alexa to have wavy golden hair, pierced ears and bold lipstick with blusher on.


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