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January 26, 2017

Apping your game: How to get ahead with ten awesome apps

If you're looking to start afresh, improve your health and get ahead in 2017, you may have already nailed some of the basics. Signed up to a gym? Check. Ditched the booze for a month or two? Check. The question is, how many of you have employed the use of your smartphone to help you achieve more, run further and quit that nasty habit that's been dragging you down for years? Probably not that many…


If you're looking to really make a difference to the way you live your life this year, you might want to consider apping your game, and investing in some of these awesome smartphone apps.


Get Rich or Die Smoking

Considering the amount of money it takes to maintain a smoking habit nowadays, the appeal of free apps dedicated to helping smokers ditch the nicotine are rapidly on the rise. What sets this particular app apart from the rest though is the fact that it shows you exactly how far your money could go, should you decide to quit.

Price: Free


Charity Miles

Thinking of getting into running, walking or cycling this year? Fancy earning money for your favourite charities as you do so? Well, Charity Miles could just be the perfect app for you. Select the charity you'd like to raise money for, hit the road and a selection of corporate sponsors will add money as you work out. Easy!

Price: Free



Nasty headaches wearing you down? Perhaps your skin isn't in the best condition it could be in? The good news is, it's often the smallest changes that make the biggest difference, and drinking more water is just one of them. If you're looking for an app to help you stay hydrated, look no further, Waterlogged is definitely it.

Price: Free


Sleep Cycle

Trying to improve your physical and mental wellbeing throughout the day is one thing, but if you're running on only a few hours' sleep every night, you may find the improvements are few and far between. That's where Sleep Cycle steps in –the app helps users record their sleep data, wake up more easily and get more kip!

Price: Free


Quit That!

As we've already mentioned, there's no time like the present when it comes to quitting nasty habits, whether it's smoking, drinking fizzy drinks or eating takeaways. If you're serious about quitting, Quit That! could be the perfect app for you. By recording the number of days between habits, you'll feel more incentivised than ever to stay strong.

Price: Free



Losing weight is one thing, but how about earning cash for doing so? Sounds good, right? Well, with DietBet you set your own weight loss targets, bet on your progress, and compete against other members who you'll then split the pot with should you match your goal. Seriously, losing pounds and earning cash has never been so easy.

Price: Free


5 Minute Yoga

It's okay giving lots of things up in the New Year, but how about starting a fresh new habit instead? With 5 Minute Yoga, users are encouraged to kick start a yoga routine, one five-minute exercise at a time. Due to its digestible, bitesize nature, this particular app is perfect for busy people and beginners alike.

Price: Free



Despite being centuries old, meditation is slowly making its way into the mainstream here in the UK – and with all the stresses associated with modern life often taking their toll on the weary worker, it's easy to see why. With Headspace, users are encouraged to take time out every day – a great app for the mindful.

Price: Free


Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Make 2017 the year you work through that annoying bit of belly fat and achieve the six pack you've always wanted. Complete with a ten-week workout plan, animated exercises and daily workout goals, having Runtastic Six Pack Abs on your smartphone can help you achieve the body you've always wanted quicker than you can say 'sit up'.

Price: Free



If you've walked into a the New Year with a to-do list the size of a mobile phone fresh-out the 80s, Wunderlist could prove to be a useful app. Allowing you to set dates, reminders and lists, Wunderlist will give you a helpful nudge if you start falling back into nasty habits or old routines.

Price: Free


So there you have it – our definitive guide to ten of the best fad apps in the current market. Interested to find out more about what's new in the world of smartphones? Be sure to check out our blog for weekly news articles, top tips and awesome hints.