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November 13, 2017

iPhone X tips and tricks: Make the most of Apple’s newest smartphone

Apple’s newest, slickest device, the iPhone X commemorates the tenth anniversary of the device that started the smartphone era. Full to the brim with Apple’s most sophisticated technology, the iPhone X also boasts a range of brand-new features – here’s what’s new, and some tips and trick to help you get the most out of this incredible phone.

iPhone X iOS 11 Tips

Apple’s brand-new operating system makes using the iPhone X a breeze, and it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

To find out about all the amazing new features iOS 11 brings to the table, click here to view our iPhone 8 guide – it features everything you need to know to make the most out of your new iPhone X’s operating system.

iPhone X Face ID Tips

Certainly the biggest innovation in the iPhone X, Face ID lets you access your phone with merely a glance. The feature uses the phone’s new TrueDepth selfie camera, scanning your face and comparing any future scans to this initial 3D image. If you’re the camera’s owner, simply look at it and it’ll unlock, and Apple say that the odds of the feature unlocking by mistake are one in a million, as opposed to TouchID’s one in 50,000 odds.

If you missed the Face ID set-up process when you first turned your iPhone X on, go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode > Set Up Face ID and follow the on-screen directions.

There are a range of settings linked to FaceID in Settings > Face ID, including:

  • the option to turn off the need to look at the camera directly to unlock your phone
  • the option to get the camera to check that you’re giving it your attention before it dims the display or lowers the volume of alerts (such as when you’re on the phone)
  • the choice of which features you want Face ID to unlock
  • the process of re-scanning your face (if you’ve grown a beard or had cosmetic surgery, for instance)

iPhone X home button replacements

The biggest design choice of the iPhone X is the omission of a home button. No bother though – there are a range of commands and gestures the company has created to make sure you can still use the phone with ease.

Turn off your iPhone X

Long press the side button and either one of the volume buttons, then swipe in any direction.

How to force restart iPhone X

Unresponsive iPhone X? Turn it off by pressing and quickly releasing the volume up button, doing the same with the volume down button, and then doing the same with the side button until the Apple logo appears.

How to setup emergency SOS on iPhone X

To trigger SOS on iPhone X, press and hold the side button and either volume button for six seconds, or rapidly click the side button five times. Enable the five-click option by tapping Settings > Emergency SOS > Also Works with 5 Clicks.

How to check battery percentage on iPhone X

To see how much battery you’ve got left, swipe down from the top right of the screen when you have Control Centre open.

Quickly go to camera app from the lock screen

To get to the app, swipe from right to left to reveal the camera, or 3D Touch the camera icon in the same way as you’d turn the torch on.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

To quickly take a screenshot, press the side button and volume up at the same time.

Wake the screen

To wake up your iPhone X, tap anywhere on the home screen to wake up the screen and see your notifications.

Open iPhone X control centre

Slide down from the top right of the screen, from the battery icon, to open Control Centre.

Go back to lock screen notifications

To see your notifications at any time, swipe down from the top of the screen where the ‘notch’ in the screen is (the only bezel on the screen).

Multitask apps

To switch between apps, you can slowly swipe up and hold when you’re on the home screen – a list of the currently opened apps will appear on the left of the screen - or if you’re in an app, swipe left to right on the black or white bar at the bottom of the screen to go to the next app that’s currently running.

Force-quit apps

Go to the app switcher using the ‘Multitask apps’ tip above, then press and hold on the app you want to close. Tap the ‘no entry’ sign and it’ll close.

Access Apple Pay

Simply double tap the side button at any time to access Apple Pay – it’s a lot like the function on an Apple Watch.

Slow down the Apple Pay double click

Tap Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down to side button, then choose between default, slow, or slowest.

Use Siri without voice command

Long press on the side button to access Siri.

Use the torch from the lock screen

Using 3D Touch, all you need to do is press the flashlight icon on the lock screen. One long press will turn the torch on, do the same to turn it off.

Use Reachability

Do a quick swipe down at the bottom of the screen to draw down the top of the screen (this used to be a light touch of the home button). To turn Reachability on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Toggle on Reachability.

iPhone X Camera Tips

With a 7MP TrueDepth selfie camera, and a 12MP wide-angle and telephoto rear camera, the iPhone X has lots for photography enthusiasts to get excited about – here’s how to get the most out of your new snappers.

Record in 4K 60fps

To take advantage of the iPhone X’s best recording abilities, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video > Change from 1080p at 30fps to 4K at 60fps. Beware though – the videos will take up a lot of your storage space.

Portrait Lighting mode

For perfect shots of faces use Portrait Lighting, a camera mode that uses software to analyse light levels and give photos a professional appearance, just like if they were taken by a DSLR camera with proper lighting equipment.

Live Photos

Make three-second moving images from your pics; loop, bounce between two 1.5-second videos; or bring together images to recreate a long-exposure photograph by going to the Camera app, swiping up to the Effects list and choosing an effect.


Another fun extra for iPhone X owners are Animojis. Pretty self-explanatory, they’re emojis that are animated by you via the selfie camera. To send one, go to iMessages, tap the monkey icon, select your Animoji, then press record – it works like recording a regular video.

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