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November 08, 2017

Ho Ho No! Enjoy Christmas in peace with our new festivity-blocking Chrome extension

At Insurance2go we love Christmas as much as the next person, but even the most festive of folk can't cope with Christmas cheer all year round. With celebrations beginning earlier every year, we're giving the less festive among us a chance to hide away from the holiday season for a little longer.

We conducted research to find out whether or not the nation would block out stories about Christmas on social media and a range of popular websites until they were truly ready for the occasion. While over half of people we polled confessed to openly loving Christmas, 48% thought that Christmas was spoken about too early in the year!

Ho ho no chrome extension

To make life better for us all, our techies have created a Google Chrome extension that blocks anything to do with the festive season on a selection of websites and social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Buzzfeed and Pinterest. So, if you're sick of a live feed jam-packed with friends' Christmas decorations, or you want to avoid the likes of the Ten Best Coca Cola Adverts of All Time, download the extension below!

Get the Ho Ho No extension here and enjoy December in peace!

Once you've installed it, scroll through some of your favourite sites in peace as our Bah Humbug! stamps replace the Christmas content, including those pesky sponsored adverts on social media. Any mention of festive terms will be removed before your very eyes, making for one very merry Christmas indeed. If you want to sneak a festive peek, though, you only have to hover over the blocked content to uncover what lies beneath.

Hope this helps. We'll be breaking out the Christmas Jumpers on the 16th December for National Christmas Jumper day. Till then, bah humbug!