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November 01, 2016

How to Avoid Smartphone Addiction

With a report from Business Insider stating that one in five people now owns a smartphone, it’s no wonder that nearly a third of US users would consider themselves addicted. While smartphones are highly useful gadgets to have around, they can also be highly effective procrastination tools. If you think you’re spending too much time on your handset, here is a handy recovery plan to help you break the habit.

Step one: Identify the problem
The first step to recovery is acceptance, and a swift download of the Break Free app (available on Android, with an App Store update coming soon) will lay all of your worst habits bare. Highlighting the apps or activities where you have spent the most time, it will recommend ways to cut down your usage. It also comes with parental control option settings, the ability to schedule ‘non-contact time’ and monthly progress updates.

Step two: Avoid temptation
If you find that you’re prone to checking your phone during work, family time or other important engagements, turn off notifications. Without information ‘pushing’ itself onto your device, you’ll feel less inclined to glance at the screen. For most phones, the easiest way to do this is to disable notifications manually in the ‘settings’ tab, or place the whole phone on airplane mode.

Step three: Go cold turkey
Find that your deadline is approaching and you’re still looking for any which way to avoid getting the job done? App Detox is a handy little programme that allows you to place time limits on specific apps, kicking you off if you exceed your limit, launch the app too many times or attempt to overrule its kindly advice.

The ultimate solution?
For serious addicts, there is a final solution: delete your vice programmes. With social media being the number one culprit in phone overuse, consider removing the apps that you only check through force of habit rather than genuine interest. Not only will it save you space, you can still catch up from your desktop once a day to ensure that you’re not missing out completely.