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December 09, 2015

Top Chrome Blockers to Improve your Time Online

Across the world wide web, there are loads of handy ways in which a user can enhance their browsing experience. And, while the team here at Insurance2Go have invented a convenient tool to help you avoid Christmas, there are loads of other techy teams out there that have come up with some truly awesome ideas when it comes to personalising your daily surf.

From everyday ad-blockers to Star Wars themed spoiler alerts, here's our top 10 chrome extensions for blocking out the things you'd rather not see on the web…


Kickstarting things on a really positive note, Rehumanize is an extension that replaces words such as 'refugees', 'illegals' and even 'boat people' to the much nicer and, well, humane term, 'human'.


Kardashian Filter

Sick of seeing Kimye, Kendall Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan clogging up your newsfeed? Well, thanks to this awesome filter, you can now remove all traces of Kim and the gang from your browser in one swift download.


With the business now in its 11th year, there are some people that think Facebook's content is starting to look a little sterile. Luckily, there's a chrome extension to save the day.  By swapping the 'like' button with the much more enjoyable term 'dat sh*t cray', CrayBook has found an awesome way to mix things up when stalking your sister's boyfriend's aunt.


While any gripes regarding Christmas may just be a seasonal thing, for millions of internet users throughout the world, annoying pop-ups and unnecessary ads are a source of constant annoyance all year round – but not with AdBlock! With over 40 million downloads, this particular ad blocker is a firm favourite here at Insurance2Go.

Comments to Cats

Hateful comments getting you down? Wish there was something you could do to prevent your eyes from scrolling through other people's dirty laundry? Well now, thanks to Comments to Cats, there is! Simply download this simple extension and replace all those nasty little comments with, you guessed it, fluffy little cats.

Star Wars Spoiler Blocker

If you're the type of fan who simply cannot wait for the arrival of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' but refuses to visit any website which may disclose a leaked storyline or rumour, the guys over at JitBit have you covered with this handy blocker which blurs out any Star Wars related content – no matter which galaxy you're logging-on from.

Star Wars

Cloud to Butt

The Cloud - where/what is this mystical place we hear about so often? Does it exist? Is it even real? Who even knows? All we know is that by downloading this awesome extension, the term 'the cloud' will be replaced with 'butt' – which, in certain contexts, can be really quite hilarious.  


Replacing the things you hate on social media with the stuff you're genuinely interested in (cats, anyone?), Rather is a great extension that goes a long way in sieving through the reams of 'trending' articles that plague our social media channels each and every day.

Celeb Replacer

Give your newsfeed a contemporary twist and replace words such as 'Kim Jong Un' with 'Kim Kardashian' or 'Barack Obama' with 'Osama Bin Laden'. The results will vary between hilarious and ridiculous to downright wrong – which is always a win as far as we're concerned.


In a similar fashion to 'Rather', Fluffblocker replaces those annoying 'trending articles' that appear every two seconds on Facebook with something a little more relevant to you. Think you'd rather read an article from the Guardian than learn about Rita Ora's latest 'nip slip' – this definitely the extension for you.