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September 22, 2015

Festival Fun Competition: The Winners!

A couple of months ago, when festival season was in full swing, we asked you to get snapping, and send us your best ever festival photos. They could have been of great mates, awesome bands, or snapshots of the weird and wonderful delights to be found in fields across the UK – and you certainly delivered!

Now, as the summer winds down, we've been sifting through some great entries to pick out a winner. As festival season is notoriously tough on phones, first prize wins a brand new iPhone 6 Plus – to replace the scratched and dented model that quite possibly barely escaped with its SIM intact. Let's take a look at some of our favourites – and the winner!

5 – Sunset in Love, Beat Herder

Festivals are made for wanderings with a cider or two, while the more creative events' art installations have surely made for many a fuzzy-headed epiphany as the sun goes down. This shot nailed that feeling perfectly for us – thanks for sending it in, SJ.

4 – The Legend that is Big Jeff, 2000 Trees

We couldn't have any kind of festival celebration without mentioning Big Jeff! An absolute legend in the UK music and festival scene, Big Jeff is a common sight at festivals across the country – when he's not in the front row of Bristol's many music venues. Even Vice Magazine has recognised the legend himself, and his arm that is, at this point, basically just part-wristband puts the rest of us to shame. Thanks to Barry Dolan for catching up with him.

3 – Festival Crew, Tomorrowland

Festivals are all about great times with great mates – whether they're lifelong pals or new friends born from a shared love of a favourite band. Thanks to Matt Prenderville for sharing this shot of his Tomorrowland crew with us – one of the world's biggest electronic music festivals, held in the appropriately-named Belgian town of Boom, it definitely looks like a great time. Maybe we'll see the lot of you there next year?

2 – Surfing the Crowd, Reading Festival

No matter what your favourite part of a festival is, the main reason we're all there is for the music – so we just had to include this awesome shot from the Reading Fest main stage. Milly Youngman snapped this great picture of a crowdsurfer – who, we must say, is displaying excellent crowdsurfing etiquette by keeping his feet out of everyone's face – during Panic! at the Disco. It wasn't the year they got bottled, was it?

1 – HMS Bestival Fancy Dress, Bestival

Bestival is an absolutely legendary festival. Held on the Isle of Wight, every year has its own fancy dress theme – and it turns out 2013 was decidedly nautical. This great snap of the enigmatic Mr Rich Tea and friends in home-made, bright orange diving suits pretty much sums up anything you could need to know about the amazing times to be had at Bestival.

Apparently they "took ages to make, and were SO hot," but were worth it for the attention they got – it must have made it easier to find each other in the crowd, but we're not sure they would provide adequate mosh pit mobility.

Still, Rich wins first prize of a shiny new iPhone 6 Plus! We hope it comes in handy for capturing the gang's awesome costumes next year.