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October 30, 2014

Protecting Your Picture Privacy

While smartphone security is becoming more advanced than ever, few people stop to consider what would happen to their photos if their privacy were to be breached. With picture leaks proving to be high currency for hackers, simple steps will help keep your personal images safe on your device.

Turn off GPS
Unknowingly, many social photo-sharers are revealing our exact location each time they upload a picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. While this might seem innocent, it creates a map of comings-and-goings that could leave users vulnerable to stalking, tracking or even calculated burglary. Turn off GPS in your phone’s settings before uploading images to reduce the risk of anybody collating your movements.

Back up manually
While cloud software is an easy and affordable option for those who wish to back up their images, it is susceptible to security breaches. Take the time to back up images from your phone to a personal hard-drive at least twice a year, keeping them safe and in a place where they can only be accessed by yourself and your family.

Use ephemeral social media
A fairly recent technology made popular by the app SnapChat, ephemeral social media allows the transmission of photographs that ‘self-destruct’ after a certain time limit. While there is the possibility that parts of the transmitted data can still be stored, ephemeral social media is still a safer option for personal messages than traditional texts, emails or iMessages. Make sure to change passwords and security settings regularly, enabling the privacy options to ensure that only people you know personally can contact you.