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August 05, 2014

Losing your Gadgets is More Stressful than Losing your Wallet

Modern living has an attachment to its tech, and some feel lost when they don’t have texts, social media accounts and apps at their fingertips. So while you might expect losing a phone or tablet to be a fretful situation for many individuals, you may be surprised at just how stressful some people find it.

Our latest survey looked into the effects that losing or breaking a phone, or having one stolen, had on stress levels. It found that 27.8% of respondents rated having a laptop, tablet or mobile go missing as the most stressful situation when presented with a list that also included a lost or stolen wallet (27.4%), lost car keys (12.3%) and a missed flight (10.6%).

Furthermore, 38.7% of us would feel most anxious if we left the house without our mobile phone, compared with 37.6% for keys and 23.6% for wallet.

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The survey also looked at which aspects of our tech we are most attached to. While the handset itself is still considered the most valuable aspect of owning a phone (38.6%), 20.2% of those polled felt the photos on it was the most valuable thing, whilst 14% said the same about their contact information. Younger people are also more likely than the older generation to value the photos stored on their phones.

Here are some of the other key findings from our survey:

  • 55.2% of us now rely on our phones to check personal email, while 49.1% see them as our primary camera.
  • Around one in five (20%) see phones as our main music player, while one in ten (11.1%) consider our phone to be our main shopping platform. 5.7% even see them as a personal fitness manager.
  • Ladies are especially attached to the photos on their phones: a quarter of female survey respondents (25.4%) said this was the thing they valued most when it came to their phone, compared to just 12.2% of men saying the same.
  • Losing a phone was cited as almost as stressful as losing a purse or wallet by ladies (19.3% of responses versus 24.9% respectively). While men also said these two situations were stressful, phone loss was comparatively less important for males (17.0% versus 31.2% for a lost wallet).
  • Many respondents reported that losing/breaking their phone had resulted in them missing out on jobs.

So, for the sake of your blood pressure, consider insuring your precious tech.