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July 02, 2014

Smash Hit

Available on:
Android | iOS, free

“Smash everything”. That’s the tagline of Smash Hit, Mediocre Games’ massively successful rail shooter, and the only rule of this deceptively difficult and addictive little game.

There’s no story or narrative to Smash Hit; just a one-touch control and a surreal tunnel of glass doors, windows, pendulums and windmills. To navigate your way along the obstacle course, you’re equipped with metal balls that make a truly satisfying sound as you send them crashing through the sheets of glass ahead of you, picking up extra ammo and plenty of different power-ups along the way.

Smash Hit could so easily be yet another physics game, picked up once and never touched again, but the atmosphere and the attention to detail makes it something surprisingly special. What will keep you coming back to Smash Hit is the surreal, almost ethereal surroundings, the beautiful soundtrack, and the harmonious nature with which the two come together. It doesn’t take long to feel caught up in the tide of the game, which ebbs and flows from comfortable catharsis to out-and-out chaos.

There’s no excuse not to install Smash Hit, as it’s completely free and there are no in-game ads to break your immersion. If you add nothing else to your handheld game collection this week, make sure you pick this up.