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Google Pixel Rumours on, spec, pricing & release date

06/09/2021 · Blog

Rumours on spec, pricing & release date for the new Google Pixel phone

Rumours for the new Google Pixel 6

Attention Google Pixel fans! As the Google Pixel 6 is due for release soon, we’ve brought together some of the most concrete rumours surrounding the release, and wanted to share these details with you.

When will the new Google Pixel phone be released?

Google has released snippets of what we can expect from the upcoming Pixel phone, and it looks like we might receive two new phones from Google, as they are launching the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro!

Speculation is that Google may release the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in the ‘fall’, so expect them to land anytime from September - November. As they’ve recently launched the Google Pixel 5a phone, outside of the UK, we believe that these phones may be released closer to their usual time, around the end of September / early October.

How much will the Pixel 6 phone and Pixel 6 Pro phone cost?

Tom’s guide suggests that the Google Pixel 6 phone, “… will be a ‘premium priced product’, so we could expect this to cost more than the Google Pixel 5 phone, which launched at $699/£599. It's possible that the Pixel 6 could start at $999…” (just under £727)* They also reveal rumours that suggest the Google Pixel 6 Pro, “…will be expensive, was designed specifically for users who want the latest technology…”

*estimated price

What will the Google Pixel 6 & Google 6 Pro look like?

Techradar indicates that the “camera block has glossy silver edges on the Pixel 6 Pro and matte black ones on the standard Pixel 6. Flip the phone to the front and you can see an all-screen design with a selfie camera in a central punch-hole.”

We have also seen a rumour that the Google Pixel 6 Pro has a slightly curved 120Hz screen of around 6.7-inches, while the Google Pixel 6 may have a smaller 90Hz, 6.4-inch flat screen.

Additionally, Google have released images of the new Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro phones, which look to be ditching the all-matte black back, and instead seem to have a horizontal camera block that splits the rear into two coloured sections.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro colours:

“The reimagined interface is a whole new way to experience Pixel, with colours that reflect your personal style.” Say Google.

By looks of the renders they’re showing, we see colours for the Pixel 6 include a camera block with a pink hue, a black model with a lighter grey at the top and a model with a blue-grey back with a pale yellow block.

Whereas the Pixel 6 Pro looks to come in, a pale orange with a slightly bolder orange accent, a light grey with a silver top and the standard black with the grey camera block.

What specs can we expect from the Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 6 phone?

Google are introducing ‘Google Tensor’, which they say is “…the first processor designed by Google, custom-made for Pixel. It helps make Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro our smartest, most secure, and personal phones ever.”

There is a rumour Google Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro could be ditching the physical fingerprint scanner for an in-screen reader. In addition, the new Google Tensor has speech-to-text capabilities, which can let you edit words on the keyboard even while you're speaking.

Other Differences

Here’s some rumours surrounding the differences we may see, from the Google Pixel 5 and between the new Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro phones:

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