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Mobile Phone Insurance FAQs

It is important to ensure you take out appropriate cover to suit your individual needs, and is why we've chosen to offer two policy cover levels.
Each of our mobile phone insurance policies have a series of benefits which come as standard:

• If you're prone to dropping your phone you'll get accidental damage cover to protect against a cracked screen or LCD damage
• You're also covered in case of malicious damage and liquid damage to your device
• We'll help you if your phone develops a fault or suffers a mechanical breakdown
• We cover the accessories you get when the phone is purchased - up to £150
• Unlimited Worldwide Insurance Cover.
• We offer cover for you & your immediate family when using the handset

For complete peace of mind our Full Cover policy also insures you against loss, theft, unauthorised mobile payments (up to £100) and unauthorised calls/messages/downloads (up to £1000). You also get unlimited claims as standard across both policies.

Check out the Insurance Policy Information Documents in the comparison table above for full details of what is included, and for information about what is not covered.

New devices and handsets are the norm these days - with all major manufacturers releasing new models every year. Whilst incremental improvements to their specifications are not as vast in each annual release as they were a few years ago, the prices of the top of the range modern handsets are now in excess of £1,000.

Making an investment in the latest technology is becoming an expensive past-time, and we believe the decision to take out insurance to protect your phone should become an important consideration for most.

Most new devices are purchased with a connected contract - i.e. as part of a bi-annual upgrade or new phone contract, with one of the network providers. If you then accidentally drop it resulting in a cracked screen, or are unfortunate enough to lose or damage your phone, you're left with a pretty large monthly bill which you're obliged to pay without your nice shiny piece of tech (or at least one with a few dents and scratches!).

Whilst you'll have to stump up a monthly premium (or pay it off in a lump sum) to insure your mobile, and bear in mind there will also be an excess payment if the worst does happen, this is a drop in the ocean compared to having to find another £1,000 to replace your phone.

Before you purchase a specialist mobile phone insurance policy, it's a good idea to check if your mobile is already covered by another policy or benefit.

If you are already covered it's worth checking how much cover you have. Remember that home insurance policies may provide different cover levels compared to more specialised policies like ours.

Other factors to think about include that your home insurance policy may not cover your handset outside of your home. Also, don’t forget that the policy excess on your home insurance can be high (sometimes around £500), and should you make a claim for a phone on this type of policy, it could have an impact on your no claims bonus, increasing any future premium you take out.

Whilst we can help bring peace of mind when it comes to protecting your phone, there are some things you can do to keep your device safe, for example, purchasing a sturdy case for your phone can help protect it against bumps and scrapes.

Additionally, when taking your device anywhere with you, you should keep it hidden and out of sight in your bag or pocket to deter pickpockets. You should never leave your phone unattended or in the possession of people you do not know or trust. If you must leave your device in the car, ensure your phone is out of sight and the vehicle is locked and all doors and windows are closed.

We also recommend that you regularly back up your device. Should the worst happen and you lose, or have your phone stolen, your contacts, messages, emails and photos will be up to date to the point you last backed up your phone.

It’s important to check the small print before choosing the correct policy for you. Your mobile insurance policy should reflect your lifestyle and have the appropriate level of cover for your device.

If you travel often to foreign countries, make sure your policy covers either the world, or the country you are travelling too. There may also be limitations in the number of days your ‘phone’ can be out of the country. Read the following to tips before choosing which policy is correct for you.

• Intentional Damage. This may seem obvious however, you cannot claim for repairs if you purposely damaged your own phone.
• Theft while unattended. Whilst certain policies cover for theft, you may sometimes not be covered if you have left your phone unattended, maybe in a coffee shop or on the train. It’s worth checking with individual insurers.
• A lost SIM Card. Mobile phone Insurance doesn’t typically cover lost SIM cards. You should get in touch with your network provider to organise a replacement.
• Reporting Lost or Stolen. If your phone has been stolen in the UK or abroad, you must report your phone as being stolen with the police. You can do this online or at a local Police station. If you don’t complete this step it’s likely your claim will be declined. Delays reporting your loss can sometimes mean you are not covered. Check with your provider or review the Terms of Insurance to get the full picture.

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