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Latest Mobile Phone Scams

08/06/2021 · Blog

It would be remiss of us as an insurer if we didn't share the latest police scams involving mobile phones. Below you will find a series of updates which outline the latest information we've received to help protect you and your handsets from criminals. Last Updated 23rd July 2021.

Here's a few quick links to take you to some of the latest phone scams we've been made aware of:

  1. 'Matching' Mobile Numbers
  2. Upgrade Scam

Scam calls from “matching” mobile phone numbers

Latest update from National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) warning the public to be vigilant of scam calls that appear to match the victims’ own number. The call itself impersonates well-known government bodies or laws enforcement agencies and asks the recipient of the call to ‘press 1’ to speak to and agent regarding unpaid fines or police warrants.

We know life can be busy and when you receive a call like the above you, or someone you love could panic and press the button as directed. Try to remember to take your time and think before parting with money or personal information.

Received a text or email?

If you receive a suspicious text or email, remember to:

Every reported phone call, text or email can help protect others from falling victim to scams.
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Mobile Phone Upgrade Scam

Posted on: 8th June 2021

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) are aware of a scam where members of the public are cold called by individuals impersonating employees from legitimate mobile networks.

What happens during this call?

The cold caller offers an early upgrade or a new contract at significant discounts. Believing the deals are legitimate, the spam caller then gathers personal information which can include, emails, address and even bank details!
Using the victim’s personal details, an order will be placed with a legitimate phone provider, who will then receive the wrong handset, upon receiving this, the spam caller will then re-assure the customer that an error has been made, and to ‘return’ this to a different address, usually residential and not affiliated to the mobile company. Once the phone has been ‘returned’, contact ceases and victims find themselves stuck with no phone and liable for the entirety of a new contract taken out in their name.

What do you need to do?

Vodafone - 191
EE - 150
Three - 333
O2 - 202
Tesco Mobile - 4455
Virgin Mobile -789
Sky Mobile – 150

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