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How do I cancel the insurance policy?

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  • How do I cancel the insurance policy? 

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  • You may cancel the insurance within 14 days of purchase without penalty and we will provide a full refund providing there have been no claims during the 14 days. After 14 days, the policy  may be cancelled at any time. 

    Please note that if you do cancel the policy, the handset will no longer be covered against any eventualities that the policy covers (such as theft, loss, accidental damage or unauthorised  calls). 

    You may cancel the insurance with us at any time, by giving notice of cancellation, by email,  fax, post or telephone. See Contact Us. Cover will terminate upon receipt of your notice of  cancellation by the Administrator and providing there has been no successful claims you will  receive a pro rata refund of the premium (subject to your 14 day Statutory right to cancel).