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Claims Procedures: How do I make an insurance claim with Insurance2go?

Please note: failure to observe these may invalidate your claim.


Theft & Loss Claims:


The facility to claim online (link below) is available only to policyholders who have already notified a claim using the claim line number 0333 999 7905 (local rate call, 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday). You will have been provided with a claim reference number unique to you, which must be entered into the form before submitting for assessment – your claim cannot be assessed without that claim reference number.


Online Claim Form


If you have not yet notified a claim, you may do so by calling the team on 0333 999 7905 (local rate call). The claim line is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.


Accidental Damage or Breakdown Claims:


The facility to claim online (link below) is available at any time and there is no requirement to notify the claim by phone before doing so. Please ensure you complete the claim form fully and follow the instructions on the form.


 Online Claim Form 


Claim Requirements


In respect of theft or loss of your mobile phone:



In respect of all claims:



Replacement Equipment


In the event that your claim is authorised and your mobile phone is replaced or deemed beyond economical repair and will, therefore, have to be replaced, we will do our best to replace it with an identical high quality fully refurbished item. Should this not be possible we will replace it with a high quality fully refurbished item of comparable specification or the equivalent value.

Please note it may not always be possible to replace your mobile phone with the same colour.

Please note that where a replacement item has been issued and the original mobile phone is subsequently recovered, the original mobile phone legally becomes the property of the Insurer and must be returned to the claims administrator immediately.




We take a robust approach to fraud prevention in order to keep premium rates down so that you do not have to pay for other people’s dishonesty. If any claim under this insurance is fraudulent or is intended to mislead, or if any misleading or fraudulent means are used by you or anyone acting on your behalf to obtain benefit under this insurance, your right to any benefit under this insurance will end, your policy will be cancelled and we will be entitled to recover any benefit paid and costs incurred as a result of any such fraudulent or misleading claim. We may also inform the police.


Other insurance


If at the time of a valid claim under this policy there is another insurance policy in force which covers you for the same loss, we may seek to recover some or all of our costs from the other Insurer. You must give us any help or information we may need to assist us with our loss recoveries.


Contacting the claims team


By phone: 0333 999 7905 (local rate call, 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday).
By email: (9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday)
By post: Citymain Administrators Ltd, Enterprise House, Isambard Brunel Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2RX