and PCs also

  • five stars
    Best iPhone Insurance on the market

    Having seen Martin Lewis talk about Insurance2go on his blog I researched a few mobile phone insurance providers and found this to be the best deal. Hopefully will never have to use but if I do I know it's in place in an emergency.


    Louise Ritchie
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  • five stars
    Very easy

    The process was very very easy and it explains everything well on the site. So much so this is already the 2nd policy I have taken out. One for me and another for my husband.

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  • five stars

    I was so happy with the service I received I decided to renew my cover, without hesitation.

    Mr Tucker
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  • five stars
    phone insurance

    Very easy website to follow...easier details to complete...low cost with fantastic cover!! Would definitely recommend this site and policy to friends and family...

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  • four stars
    Successful claim completed

    I had my iPhone insured for 2 years before badly water damaging it. It does take time to submit the claim, have it assessed, they request the required documentation, you send it back... so I ended up getting the phone swapped out at Apple to try to speed that up. That all took a few days, but went smoothly enough so I am pleased with the service.

    Miss A M Kirby
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  • five stars
    Easy site to use to get insured

    I would recommend it and insurance starts straight away not have a fortnight of limbo like with other insurance companies even though I was with them for over a year with my last iPhone.

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  • five stars
    whats not to like

    I found nothing could be easier in choosing and buying phone insurance. I found the site through a comparison web site, I found that from comparing the cover and prices to the actual purchase it was an absolute doddle. Cover was immediate and the payment was set up in minutes and confirmed within 24 hrs. I wish I had discovered this site a long time ago.

    Mr Norris
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  • five stars
    Simple and cheap

    Brilliant! Cheapest iPhone insurance about. I was quoted £14.99 when I bought the phone but I declined and found this online. I have used them before and would recommend. Setting up takes 5 minutes!

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  • five stars
    Insurance2go mobile phone policy

    Insurance2go was recommended by my daughter. She had an excellent response when her phone was stolen.

    I found the policy very easy to initiate, and seems good value compared to other iPhone policies.

    Mrs Myerscough
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  • five stars
    perfect, quick and easy

    Just what I needed, very quick and easy so impressed. I found a similar insurance provider but your website is much easier to navigate so chose you instead! Thank you for great insurance for my iPhone!

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MacBook Insurance

From just £9.49 a month

MacBook Insurance

From just £9.49 a month

Got a shiny new MacBook? Apple's line of notebook computers has been incredibly popular ever since it was launched over a decade ago, and in 2016 the 12-inch Retina MacBook received a timely boost with sixth-gen Intel Core M processors, a new rose gold colour option and an improved battery life.

It makes sense that you want to keep your MacBook safe, and what better way to do it than with Insurance2Go's laptop insurance? Starting from the day you sign up, you'll be covered in the event of loss, theft or damage, along with a range of other features – including accessory and overseas cover.

Please note - Insurance2go do not cover anyone under the age of 18. Laptops/ MacBooks purchased second hand or laptops bought outside the UK. Your Laptop/ MacBook must be less than 6 months old at the time you sign up for insurance.

MacBook Cover

Loss, Theft and Accidental Damage covered

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  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Overseas cover

    90 days a year


  • Accessory Cover

    £150 of accessories


  • Equipment insured covered for use by you & your immediate family

    over 16 years old


  • Immediate cover

    our insurance starts on the day you sign up

  • No contract & no admin fees

    you can cancel the policy at any time with no admin fees

  • No limit on claims

    some providers limit this to 1 or 2 claims a year

  • Genuine monthly policies

    some providers make you pay up to 12 months premiums if you claim

  • Over 97% of claims paid

    97.72% of claims made between Aug 16 & Jan 17 were approved

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Laptop & Tablet Ts & Cs

Compare our Apple MacBook Insurance

Provider Monthly Premium Annual Premium Instant Cover
Insurance2go £9.49 £104.39 Yes
Protect Your Bubble (LOSS NOT COVERED) £9.99 £119.88 Yes
American Express £10.00 £120.00 NO
Row (LOSS NOT COVERED) £10.99 £125.29 NO
Cover Cloud £11.29 £112.90 NO
Trusted Insurances £14.00 £130.00 Yes
Switched On Insurance £14.00 £130.00 Yes
Debenhams £16.00 £176.00 Yes

Prices are based on comparable levels of cover including loss. Prices were checked on the relevant websites on the 14th March 2017. The MacBook checked was the MacBook 256GB priced at £1249.