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What information is required when I make a claim?

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  • What information is required when I make a claim?

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  • In the event of a claim you must have proof of purchase for your mobile phone.  The proof of purchase must provide evidence that you own the phone and that the phone is less than 6-months old from the time the policy begins.  The proof of purchase must also include the make, model and IMEI number of your mobile phone. Please note that additional information may be required once the claim has been submitted, dependant on the type of claim.

    If you do not possess or were never issued with a receipt for your mobile phone because they were provided free as part of a contract, e.g. through a mobile phone service provider, you will need to provide evidence of the original order and/or contract under which the mobile phone was supplied.  

    If you cannot provide evidence of proof of purchase, your claim may be rejected.