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LG G5 Insurance
February 23, 2016

New phone from LG - the G5

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is always an exciting event for the mobile industry with launches of new handsets and innovations being released.

This year is no exception. Already we’ve seen the launch of the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S7, now hot in its heals is the new LG G5.

The new handset is the first from LG with a metal casing, coming in at a slender 7.7 mm thick. Interestingly the bottom section of the phone containing the battery can come away and be substituted for other modules such as an enhanced camera, hi-fi Pro for better audio and gaming modules.

The G5 can also work with the LG 360 Virtual Reality headset connecting via USB for enhanced gaming and Youtube 360 VC content.

The handset has two built in cameras one 16 megapixel and the other with a 135-degree lens for amazing wide angle shots.

This launch could be the boost LG needs to increase its market share in the crowded UK marketplace, to do so it’ll need to take share from the big names of Samsung and iPhone both of whom have new handsets available soon.

Rumour has it that the new G5 will be around the £500 mark without a contract when it arrives in the UK, so not cheap.