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iPhone 5s Insurance
February 17, 2016

Apple iPhone 5SE on sale 18th March 2016

If you thought the next iPhone was going to be the iPhone 7 and released in September this year then you like many others are mistaken.


Rumour has it from very reliable sources that on the 15th March Apple will announce their brand new iPhone will be the iPhone 5SE. The other big news is that Apple fans won’t have to wait 2 weeks after the announcement before getting their hands on the new phone, it will be available to buy just 3 days later on the 18th.


The new phone is expected to be a very similar to the iPhone 5s in terms of size and design but with features that you would find on the more up to date iPhone 6 and 6s.


So if you are looking for a phone that’s a bit easier to put in your pocket than the iPhone 6 but with much the same features, this could be the iPhone for you!

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