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May 30, 2018

Gadget insurance for travelling

When you travel abroad, for work or leisure, you’re likely to have plenty of gadgets in your luggage - whether that’s a laptop, a camera or a phone, it’s a good idea to get them insured for your trip.


Standard travel insurance policies don’t always cover your gadgets if they are lost, stolen or damaged while abroad, so it’s worth checking your policy before travelling. If you’re unsure whether you need gadget insurance for travelling, but know you don’t fancy a hefty repair bill after a holiday, then read our guide below.


Going on holiday with gadgets


Most of us are too concerned about missing our flight to worry about whether our gadgets are insured for our trip, however a travel policy that insures your gadgets could save you a lot of hassle and put your mind at ease.


Whilst you’re not that likely to damage or lose your gadgets in flight, when it comes to keeping them safe in your accommodation, or when travelling or sightseeing, it might be a little trickier. As a traveller, you are more likely to experience situations where your gadgets are at risk; tourists are a target for pickpockets, physical activities mean you risk breaking your gadget and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc with your phone, to name just a few!


That said, such risks don’t have to outweigh the benefits that gadgets bring, like memories captured on camera, or a video call home- so long as you’re covered!


Insuring your gadgets abroad

It’s now easier than ever to get your trusty gadgets insured for a trip abroad, as policies can be purchased online. It’s worth checking your existing insurance, as well as your home or travel insurance policies first though, to see if your gadgets are insured for travelling already. Our gadget insurance, for example, includes overseas cover for up to 90 days a year!

Specific gadget insurance for travelling, as opposed to claiming via your travel or home insurance, is the most comprehensive and the least limiting, as many policies include a strict single-item limit and expensive policy excesses.

It’s also great for if you want the reassurance of a decent service if something happens to your gadget. You’ll also benefit from a shorter replacement period, compared to the weeks you might have to wait if you were to claim on your home insurance policy.


Claiming while abroad

Having your gadget lost, stolen or damaged while abroad is possibly even more stressful than when you’re at home, and you’ll want to get it sorted super quickly, so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.

Hopefully, you don’t need to, but if you have to claim on your gadget insurance while abroad, you’ll be pleased to know it’s simple.

You can find our claim form online, here, and below are a few things to remember if you have to claim while abroad:


> Claim right away if you need to, don’t delay!

> Have your policy accessible to you while you’re away

> Report stolen goods to the local police or authority within 24 hours

> If you lose or damage your gadget, make a note of where and how it happened


If you need any further information on taking out a specific gadget insurance policy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Insurance2go, or to find out the specifics of our policies, take a look at our terms and conditions.