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March 21, 2017

Things that annoy other people about mobile phones.

Mobile phones have changed so much about the way we live and are amazing tools to help us stay in touch, keep up to date with social media, plan and organise our lives. They would be sorely missed if they were to suddenly disappear.

However, everyone has a gripe or a moan about how people use their mobiles that drives them crazy.

Below is a list of things that drives us mad about how other people use their phones, this list is by no means definitive.

Brace yourselves – here goes:

-        People who use their phone to talk whilst they’re paying for goods in a shop. Firstly, it’s rude to the shop assistant. Secondly it holds up the transaction and it means others have to wait for longer than they would otherwise have to.

-        Annoying text alerts. People are now selecting annoying texts alerts that they think are less intrusive than a simple vibrate or quiet beep. The text alerts are things like a whistling bird. They can be very infuriating.

-        People breaking off a conversation to text. Enough said.

-        People on trains talking loudly – one that happens less often these days.

-        Keypad ‘texters’ who keep the keypad click volume high. 

-        Charger thieves, just when you want to charge your phone – this should become a custodial sentence.

-        Playing poor quality music on a phone when travelling on a bus or train. Obvious but extremely annoying.

-        Taking selfies.

-        Taking photos or even worse videos on their phone at concerts which will be deleted within days.

-        Taking photos of friends when asleep.

-        Taking photos of friends when awake but not aware that their photo is being taken.

-        Lastly, as the British were once described as a nation of shopkeepers, here’s another for them, people who check to see if they can get an item cheaper elsewhere by checking the bar code in shops. Poor old shop keepers. If the business rates aren’t enough.

Here at Insurance2go we are of course all perfect as are our fantastic customers.