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May 08, 2017

Protect your Mobile Phone on holiday

Our friends at BT have written an excellent blog about what to do if you lose your mobile phone abroad.


The key thing is to protect yourself as much as you can BEFORE you go away, so:

1. Back up your phone - that way if your phone is lost or stolen at least you will still have your photos, contacts and everything else stored on your mobile phone.

2. Take out Insurance - well we would say that wouldn't we, but with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 retailing at £689 it's definitely worth serious consideration.

3. Register with Immobilise - this is an online register of property that gives you some chance of getting your phone back if it is lost or stolen

4. Set up 'find my phone' - or some other phone finding service on your mobile.


And then if your mobile phone is lost or stolen when on holiday:

1. See if you can locate it - assuming you have previously followed point 4 above!

2. Contact your network - to get the sim card blocked so nobody can use it.

3. Contact the police - they should give you a crime reference number or a loss reference number depending on the circumstances.

4. Contact your insurance company asap.


And a final piece of advise - don't use your mobile phone while in the swimming pool. The man in the photo is just asking for trouble!

To read the BT article in full click here:

What to do if you lose your phone abroad