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July 05, 2017

Not Safe for Work! When work devices go wrong

After our recent survey revealed that 62% of Brits with work devices use their phones, tablets and laptops for activities other than working, we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out if any of this extra-curricular usage had led to any unexpected mishaps or embarrassing moments.

Below, a host of anonymous contributors disclose the times they wished they’d kept their devices solely for work purposes...have you fallen foul to any of these errors?!

Male, 61 from Manchester: “I once sent the boss (female) an email that should have gone to my wife, inviting her to a surprise weekend *nudge nudge*.”

Female, 47 from London: “The boss saw an email that I’d sent to a friend telling her how boring work was.”

Male, 51 from Edinburgh: “I was sharing pictures with my cousin in New Zealand, when she sent me a nude by mistake. She still hasn't spoken to me for the last 4 months!”

Female, 65 from Edinburgh: “I sent my shopping list to employer by mistake.”

Male, 42 from London: “I have the same make of phone as my employers’, and my partner took some raunchy photos thinking it was my personal one only for a colleague to see them when I was off for a few days as he had use of it. Awkward.”

Male, 53 from London: “MY BOSS SAW MY NAKED PHOTOS!”

Female, 31 from Birmingham: “An area manager copied me in on an e-mail which included a table of salary increases for particular employees in my area, which was not supposed to be sent to me!”

Male, 35 from Nottingham: “I forgot my mobile in the toilet with some porn video ongoing.”

Our advice? Stick to your personal device if you’re thinking of taking a sneaky peek at some NSFW content, and definitely don’t leave it playing in the loo. Other than that, just get smart, people!