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February 28, 2017

Nokia look to the future by turning back time

Nokia were once the clear world leaders in manufacturing mobile phones until they had the rug pulled from under their feet by the launch of the all-conquering iPhone from Apple. Now after changes in ownership and a couple of years out in the cold licking their wounds the Nokia brand is back and has got tongues wagging by launching a remake of an old classic.

Nokia are to re-launch the 3310 which first came into production in the early 2000s and sold brilliantly well until production stopped in 2005. The company sold over 120 million of the devices first time round and they are hoping to rekindle customer loyalty with this new device but it is being marketed as a cheap and cheerful second phone for people wishing to ‘declutter’ their mobile usage.

The 3310 has a superb battery that lasts up to a month on one single charge. Something that will make many Smartphone users green with envy. It’s cheap price (around £50) and long battery make it pretty much the perfect Festival phone although the 2 MP camera might disappoint for those wanting to keep the memory of a crowd surfing rock hero. It does allow web browsing but it does only use 2.5G.

Nokia have used the platform of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to make this announcement but it’s not the only new offering. The company have launched a set of new smartphones rather unimaginatively called the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. We reported on the Nokia 6 a little while ago and it is this that Nokia must really be hoping takes off as a serious competitor to Apple and Samsung. It’s priced well below some of its peers, early pricing indications are the Nokia 6 will be available for around £200, something that might well tempt people back to the brand after a seeming never ending rise in the cost of top end smartphones.

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