February 15, 2017

LG G6 rumours

LG G6 rumours


Here is just about everything we know about the brand new LG G6 mobile phone that we have picked up from rumours online.


The first thing to say is that just about every tech site agrees that the new flagship phone from the South Korean manufacturer will be called the LG G6. A few variants have been mentioned – G6 Compact, G6 Lite, G6 Prix are just a few but G6 is common to all of them.


LG has just about confirmed that the announcement will be made on the 26th February and we think it will be available to buy in the UK in April. Sim free price is a bit of a guess at between £450 and £550.


LG have put together a video that suggest the phone could be water proof and could be fairly robust when it comes to dropping the phone. A water proof or water resistant phone would make sense as both Samsung and Apple have already launched phones that can deal with a bit of water. A damage proof and water proof phone that doesn’t look like a rubber brick would be very interesting but I’m not sure the new LG G6 is the phone to bring this to market just yet. The video can be found on the LG twitter feed:

LG twitter page


Other rumours flying around are that the screen will be bigger, it will have a dual-lens camera, a fingerprint scanner, a headphone jack and customers will be able to charge it wirelessly. The tech writers seem split about the body of the phone, some think it will be made of glass, others think metal. There are always photos that have supposedly been taken in factories making the new phones online but the photos we’ve seen aren’t conclusive either way.


If we are wrong and the new L6 is in fact 100% water proof and damage proof then buyers of the new phone might opt to take out our standard insurance cover which protects against loss and theft only. If not, full cover takes care of loss, theft and damage.

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