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June 15, 2017

Father's day - gadget ideas for gifts from Insurance2go

Father’s Day is fast approaching and here at Insurance2go the office becomes a divided place amongst the married folk. One half wondering what they might be in line for and the other half desperately thinking of what to get.

Given this dilemma we have decided to come up with some possible last minute ideas of what Mums/ Sons/ Daughters around the country might pop out a get to keep the old man happy.

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Amazon Echo Dot – Between £40 - £45.

Connects to Alexa and will do almost anything for you. From telling you the news, playing music, controlling the heating, turn on the lights, it’ll remind you of important dates (like Mother’s day) and remind you when to put the roast in on Sunday.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Phone – From £689.

For those with deep pockets this new mobile from the South Korean company is a beauty and might be the perfect gift. It goes without saying that the camera is top-draw, the styling is cool and the functionality up there with the best.

UE Roll 2 - £59.

A great waterproof poolside speaker with great sound and crucially a 50 metre range– a brilliant idea with Summer finally here. Looks as good as Dad by the pool if not even better, all in a range of manly colours.

Kindle Paperweight – From £89.

Get the old man off Facebook and back with his nose in a book. The Kindle Paperweight will hold more books than a Booker Prize Judge could read in a lifetime. Commuting, flying, holidays, insomnia nights all taken care of for less than a ton.

Lumie Bodyclock GO 75 – Around £75.

If you think that £75 is a lot to pay for an alarm clock with a light then maybe think again. This lighting system can mimic sunset or a sunrise. It can work as a light box to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder which might even cheer the old man up in Winter.

It has five different wake up sounds – from beeps, to Big Ben chimes to dawn chorus and for hangover Saturdays - rhythmic drumming.

A new Apple iPad – Various prices.

Always welcome but not the cheapest option.

Happy Father’s Day to all.