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January 17, 2017

Apps going up in price by 25%

Apple will very soon increase the price of apps bought in the UK App Store. The UK cost will be numerically identical to the cost in the US, so a €0.99 app will now also cost £0.99. That is a 25% hike compared to what it was before. 

Prices in the App Store are set after they look at a few different factors such as exchange rates, local taxes and the costs of doing business in that country. The big recent decline in the value of the pound since Brexit has obviously brought about this big percentage increase in the cost of Apps. 

Google have so far kept quiet about the cost of Apps for Android phones but it wouldn’t be a massive surprise if they followed with their own price rises. Other firms such as Dell and HP have increased their UK prices since the fall in sterling. 

Industry experts have said that the price change was just a matter of time after such a big change in the value of the pound against the dollar. Their isn’t a dynamic global price point that changes daily or weekly as currencies change, probably because Apple want a nice clear price point in every country so it’s £0.99 or £1.99 for an App and not £0.76 or £1.52 in the UK for example. 

The UK isn’t the only country to be affected, an App in India is going up by 33% and in Turkey the rise is 30%.

So the message is clear if you need an App – download it now!