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March 22, 2016

Apple launch the new iPhone SE

Apple have announced the launch of two new products – the iPhone SE and a new smaller tablet the iPad Pro.

The new products, which will be available to order from March 24th and ready to buy in stores from 31st March in the UK, are smaller than recent models and in the case of the iPhone SE cheaper than the iPhone 6 range. The 16 GB model iPhone SE will cost £359 and the 64 GB £439 so still not exactly give-aways, especially in the context that there are good smartphones on the market that come at less than £200.

The new iPhone SE will be around the same size as the iPhone 5 and Apple are hopeful that users who don’t like the larger sizes of the newer phones might be tempted to upgrade to an SE. Interestingly Apple estimate that 60% of people who purchased an iPhone 5 or 5S or 5C have yet to change up to a later model. It could be that size is a factor and they prefer the more modest size of the 5 series. The new SE will come in black, white, rose gold and gold.

The new phone uses A9 processor, is set up for Apple pay and boasts a 12 MP camera. The company hope that the SE will have a better battery life than previous models addressing a common gripe about the iPhone range in general especially when the user is getting towards the end of their contract.

It’s unusual for Apple to launch a new handset in Spring time, usually they launch in the Autumn in September or early October so it’ll be interesting to see if they repeat this pattern with a new launch then in 2016. However, whenever Apple launch new products it gets people talking and it must make other manufacturers a little nervous especially those who have recently launched new kit.