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November 03, 2017

Apple iPhone X launch

iPhone X launch

Unless you’ve been on a desert island or swimming the Atlantic for the last six weeks you’ll know that tomorrow: November 3rd, is the first day of sales for the new Apple iPhone. The iPhone X (that is a Roman numeral for ‘10’ rather than ‘X’ as in adult rated movies from back in the day) is set to be Apple’s most significant launch for a while, with pre-orders selling out in moments on the Apple Store website.

There are reports that recent releases have not quite hit the heady days of the early launches of new iPhones when people would camp outside Apple stores around the Western world to be the first to grab one of the new handsets. This might not be so surprising given that to make each new handset a significant technological leap forward would be beyond even the most brilliant of brains and people are beginning to keep handsets for longer.

As contracts have increasingly moved to 24 months rather than the 12 months we had for so long, people have tended to keep hold of their handsets for longer. Also, there is a burgeoning second-hand market for Smartphones that will be keeping people’s fix topped up without necessarily having to buy the latest piece of kit brand new.

According to some papers the recent launch of the iPhone 8 was one of the least successful, surely this is in part due to tomorrow’s iPhone X launch. The two should be looked at in conjunction. Staunch Apple fans would be holding out for the new ‘X’ model to be right up on trend. Having said that the iPhone 8 launch meant Insurance2go enjoyed their second busiest month ever, suggesting that when it comes to Apple launches even relative disappointments are still looked on by other manufacturers with a wistful feeling of ‘if only’.

According to Apple’s website the iPhone X pre-orders are now being shipped in 5 – 6 weeks, taking delivery pretty much up to Christmas and this is all with the new models starting at an eye watering £999 in the UK. People who might be predicting the demise of the iPhone and looking for a new young pretender should probably calm themselves. Despite being at least £1,000 the new iPhone X has sold out already.