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May 18, 2016

Android pay arrives in the UK

Android Pay is to be released in the UK. Google’s contactless payment system has been operating successfully in the US but now the UK will become the next market to offer the service.

Google have said that they have chosen the UK because of the familiarity with using such systems. With 60% of the country’s mobiles using Android it is possible that this push will really be a game changer.

Many analysts now feel that given the number of handsets which are compatible with contactless payments this could see a tipping point and this will see the beginning of a revolution in how we pay for goods and services. Especially now that more and more outlets accept payments this way from small sandwich bars to large chains and department stores.

Competition to become a market leader in contactless payments is heating up, Samsung Pay launches in the UK later this year. Service providers and manufacturers know that getting people to use their service is key to success. This success will be built around three cornerstones, firstly, in gaining vital ongoing additional revenue from the millions of transactions. Secondly in tying in customers to their products by encouraging loyalty through familiarity of the system and possibly incentives to stay using their system and lastly by offering advertisers accurately targeted information about customers making promotions incredibly specific.

Advertising has changed enormously over the last decade and looks set for more changes over the coming years as contactless payment services take off and gain momentum.