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May 02, 2018

A guide to the Samsung Galaxy S9 - tips, tricks and more

Samsung’s newest smartphone device, the Galaxy S9, boasts plenty of exciting new features to play with; including super slow-motion video and a dual lens camera, the S9 is a tech-lover’s dream. Here’s what’s new with the handset, as well as some tips and tricks to help you benefit from the S9’s brand new features.

Making the most of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Taking the perfect pic

The Galaxy S9 has a whole host of new features that take its already decent camera to the next level. Here are three ways to use the brand-new features to improve your photography skills.

Take pictures in low light settings

Typically, smartphones have struggled to take quality pictures in anything other than natural light, or artificial set ups. However, Samsung has seriously upped its photography game with the Galaxy S9, with the addition of improved low lighting shooting. This new function uses the dual-aperture system, which adapts to lighting levels in the same way the human eye does, in order to capture brilliant pictures, no matter the time of day.

This cool feature means that you can take quality pictures in dimly lit settings, like a restaurant or a bar. What’s even better is that you don’t have to do anything extra to capture those great pictures - the lens will automatically shift to pull in light in dark environments, and shift differently in daylight to create a sharp image. Amazing pictures, with no effort on your part. They’ve not dubbed it ‘The camera that’s brilliant in the dark’ for no reason!

Shoot in slow-motion

The Galaxy S9’s new, super slow-motion feature allows users to take HD videos in small bursts of stylish slow-mo, eliminating the need for additional apps to run this feature. In typical Samsung style, it is also an easy feature to navigate. To use, just simply:

> Open the camera app and swipe right until you get to the ‘super slow-mo’ setting.

> Choose between manually activating slow-mo or having it trigger automatically.

Dual rear-facing camera

The S9 is equipped with two rear facing cameras, which improves the depth and zoom of photos taken. This allows you to easily take quality wide angle shots, as well as use the optical zoom feature for great long-distance shots.

Brand-new tech features

As well as the S9’s improved functions, Samsung has, of course, thrown in a few exciting brand-new features to get your teeth into. Check them out below.

New and improved speakers

Samsung has enhanced its speakers for the latest Galaxy generation by adding another speaker at the top of the phone for stereo sound, making them much louder than the S8 - 1.4 times louder, to be precise.

Intelligent Scan

Intelligent Scan is one of the S9’s most impressive new features. It allows users to unlock their phone via facial recognition, rather than requiring a passcode or fingerprint. To use it, simply follow the prompts to set up Intelligent Scan when you first get your phone. You’ll need to set up a backup PIN and password as well, however, for security reasons.

To set up Intelligent Scan later:

> Go to the ‘lock screen and security’ menu

> Select ‘screen lock type’

> Select the ‘Intelligent Scan’ and then continue

To ensure Intelligent Scan is set up correctly, make sure that when you are registering your face, you’re indoors and your phone is at least eight inches away from your face while it scans your face and eyes.

Turn into an emoji with AR

Developed especially for the S9, the new AR Emoji feature allows users to create digital, cartoon versions of themselves. Follow these instructions on how to make the most of this fun feature:

> Open the camera app and switch the camera so it faces you

> At the top of the screen, locate the AR Emoji option and tap it

> Tap the face symbol at the bottom of your screen and select ‘create emoji’

> Make sure your head fits in the viewfinder and smile with your mouth closed

> Once this is done, select your gender and your AR character will be created

> You can now use your AR Emoji when taking pictures and videos and your Emoji should mimic facial expressions

> You will also find AR Emoji stickers in the Samsung messaging app

Bixby update

Smartphone assistant Bixby proves itself capable of several new and complex tasks with the new upgrade. One of the AI’s newest tricks is the ability to translate foreign text in real time; simply point the camera at foreign text and see the translated version on your screen – magic!

What’s more, Bixby features eight additional, different camera modes including: food, makeup, wine and shopping. All you have to do is point the camera at an object and Bixby will recognise what is in the frame and present information on the object over the top of the image. Impressive, right?

Enable voice wake-up with Bixby

If you want Bixby to answer your commands or questions without having your phone near you, simply:

> Tap the menu overflow icon in the Bixby home

> Click settings

> Tap voice wake-up

> Tap the switch next to off

> From here, tap the Bixby logo

> Follow the voice prompts

> After reading each prompt, click done

New design features

As well as improving the tech that comes with the S9, Samsung has gone and made some pretty impressive adjustments to the overall design and usability of the phone.

Improved fingerprint sensor location

Samsung has moved the fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S9, placing it underneath the camera, instead of right next to it. This is to prevent you from smudging the lens as they unlock their phone.

Cool new colours

The S9 boasts a range of sophisticated colours to choose from including coral blue, lilac purple and midnight black.

Increased drop protection

A subtle but significant change for the S9, is the 0.2mm thicker, metal rim, meaning 20% less shock to the glass display if dropped, reducing the likelihood of your screen smashing.

A more durable display

The Galaxy S9 display is 20% thicker than its previous model, meaning the handset will be slightly more protected from bumps, scratches, cracks and scuffs.

Brighter displays

Another great feature of the S9 is its new level of brightness, which is 20% brighter than the Galaxy S8 screen.

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