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April 07, 2017

Spring cleaning your smartphone

Smartphones allow us to entertain, inform and educate ourselves but all too often, the sheer volume of things we're downloading, recording and saving mean they can quickly run out of storage space.


While upgrading your phone to one with more capacity is all well and good, this isn't cost-effective and in many cases, we enjoy our current model anyway - we just wish it had more storage space.


But fear not. By reading Insurance2go's handy smartphone spring cleaning tips, you can clear out the things you don't need and avoid the dreaded 'storage almost full' notifications. Not only that, you'll learn how to speed up and get far better use out of your device.


Delete old text messages and subsequent media libraries
If you're not sentimental over old text messages, delete message threads from ex-partners, former work colleagues and so on.


Long text message conversations take up a lot of room, particularly pictures which can automatically clog up each conversation's own media library.

Often overlooked because these pictures aren't in your camera roll, deleting text threads could save you plenty of megabytes.

Buy a wireless mobile streaming device
If you are a Samsung smartphone owner, you can store your weighty phone content on an external device.

Boasting mobile steaming devices up to 1.5TB in capacity, you can free up day-to-day storage space while resting safe in the knowledge that photos, videos and your treasured memories are safely stored on a secure drive.


Stream music on Spotify instead
If you have a carefully curated collection of hefty individual music files on your smartphone, it's time to switch things up. After all, chances are these same songs are on the Spotify media streaming service anyway.

Yes, you'll have to cope with ads on the free version but if you're desperate for more storage space, Spotify is a great way to enjoy your favourite music in one single centralised portal.


Save your camera roll to iCloud
We all know that photos and videos are some of the largest culprits of eating smartphone space.


But for iPhone users, storing them in the iCloud means saving ample storage space. By managing your storage in this way, high-definition versions of photos and video are stored online with space-saving, pixelated versions left on your device.


What's more, you can view them on your iPhone in HD when connected to Wi-Fi anyway.


Regularly clear internet browsing history
Don't forget that every single webpage we visit is recorded in your smartphone's browsing history. You may not want to clear 'all time' browsing history so your email address isn't wiped.


However, on iPhones for example, regularly clearing cookies and website data from 'today' or 'today and yesterday' will allow you extra space to take photos.


Not only will our smartphone spring cleaning tips free up space for you to get more out of your day-to-day use, there is the extra benefit of your phone being faster too.


Just think about it. Every time you switch your smartphone on, not only does your software have to boot up but also your vast collections of photos, music, video and apps. All of these things make your smartphone far more sluggish than the day you bought it.


Naturally, by having much fewer files on your smartphone, it'll become much quicker to navigate - so get cleaning today!