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January 29, 2015

#lovemyphone Competition Winners Announced!

Last Christmas we announced the #lovemyphone competition, offering the grand prize of free phone insurance for a whole year for those who are filled with dread at the very thought of losing or breaking their phone.

We asked those of you who can’t live without your phone to tell us why, using the hashtag #lovemyphone – and lots of you did! We had loads of great responses but had to whittle it down to just four of our favourites.

First up is tech-savvy Karen – @KrobertsonKaren – who loves her Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for its great camera, and can rest easily knowing it is insured all year.

And then, on the other end of the spectrum, we loved the confession from decidedly non-tech-savvy Vicki – @bozavic – that she loved her phone because it was so easy to use!

We picked our last two winners purely because they warmed our hearts in the cold of winter! Louise – @gameoflou – would be lost trying to keep up with her four kids without her phone:

And, Isla – @LalaN0210 – loves her phone because it keeps her in touch with the most important people in her life. For that, she wins free coverage for a whole year.

So congratulations to all of our winners! Your beloved phone is protected for an entire year. Of course, we hope the worst doesn’t happen, but now you’re covered if it does!