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October 17, 2014

Stoic Releases The Banner Saga on iOS

The Banner Saga, Stoic’s Norse-themed tactical RPG, has made the jump from PC to mobile with considerable flair. Now available for the iPhone and iPad, the Banner Saga offers a complex, multi-stranded plot combined with turn-based battles and a smidge of party management, all of which adds up to a compelling twist on the traditional fantasy fare.

The game essentially plays like a choose-your-own-adventure crossed with Final Fantasy Tactics, with you making decisions for two different sets of characters as they fight their way through an apocalyptic landscape. While simple at first glance, the combat system is surprisingly deep, and winning battles is the only way to earn Renown – the game’s currency, which you’ll need to kit out your fighters and feed your party with supplies.

According to the developers, The Banner Saga was always designed with mobile in mind, so it’s not surprising that it’s lost little in the conversion from PC to pocket. The battlefields occasionally get a little more cluttered than we’d like, and it’s probably better suited to the iPad than a device with a four-inch display, but on the whole this is sure to be one of the best iOS gaming experiences of the year.