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September 05, 2014

'Year Walk' Developer to Release New iOS Game in 2014

Swedish developer Simogo, the team behind creepy puzzle-fest Year Walk and surreal thriller Device 6, is preparing to bring its next creation to iOS this year. The Sailor’s Dream promises open-world exploration and a non-linear narrative, and many of the key team from Year Walk – including writer Jonas Tarestad and composer Jonathan Eng – will be on board to provide the atmosphere the studio has become known for.

The Sailor’s Dream is described as a “challenge-free experience in which you explore a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations”. In contrast to the developer’s earlier titles, it won’t feature any puzzles at all, and will instead focus on providing “plenty of things to touch, play and tinker with”.

However, Simogo stressed that the new title will be familiar to anyone who’s played their previous games. “It also shares some DNA with Year Walk and DEVICE 6 when it comes to navigation and interactions, the concept of the players piecing together a bigger story from smaller pieces, and just as in previous efforts it does include quite a lot of written text,” said the developer.

The Sailor’s Dream is expected to be released in late 2014.