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September 01, 2014

Preventing Scratches on your Mobile's Screen

When you get your new smartphone, the natural reaction is to keep it as pristine as you possibly can. Though this is mainly for cosmetic purposes, taking care of your phone also means that it's more likely to last you a good few years.

Getting a scratch on the screen of your smartphone can not only damage the appearance of the device, but can also effect sensitivity and use of the touchscreen. Granted, many models are now built with reinforced screens, and this limits the potential for scratches on your screen from the outset. However, there are a few ways that you can help your phone resist scratches too.

Firstly, be sure to invest in a screen protector. This might seem a little obvious, but with the aforementioned durability of new screens, it's tempting to overlook. A screen protector will ensure that even little bits of grit don't damage your phone.

In the time it takes your protector to arrive, try to leave the film on that's surrounding the phone straight from the box - though this is ridiculously tempting to remove! Consider keeping your phone in a children's sock when in your bag or pocket, and avoid putting it anywhere near keys, zips or coins!